Our Know-How

Maturation is a long and delicate operation, which gives the cheese its final form, its texture, its character, its colour and its taste.

Cheeses are carefully washed with water and turned, during several weeks, in order to encourage the lactic fermentation needed to transform white cheese into Munster-Géromé. The humid and temperate atmosphere of the Schuster cellars encourages the particular flora needed to ensure perfect maturation.

Its authentic taste is the result of painstaking work, in the traditional way, transmitted from generation to generation. “Family know-how” is the heart of our profession !

Meticulous quality control enables us to anticipate the specific maturation of each batch of our Munster cheese, to ensure the consistently high level of quality for which we have been known for decades.

Our principal priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

Having received many awards over the years at the inter-regional competition for Munster cheese, we are proud to present an authentic local product that satisfies the requirements of the consumer, yet respects more than a century of tradition.

Our awards:

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